A mezzo in a class by herself
(New York Times)

The Other Dolora


Dolora finds outlets for her creativity in many activities beyond her singing: offstage, she’s an accomplished visual artist and a dedicated poet. Here is a selection of works (excerpted from a larger work-in-progress) that demonstrates her range. Read more >  


In addition to a golden voice, Dolora also has a green thumb! Read below about the transformation she has made in her garden. Read more >  

The Science of Music

Dolora possesses a fascination with the science of music. The following article is from a work (in preparation) on the physiology and technical aspects of singing. Read more >

Bird Brains, a.k.a. Avian Cognition

Another of Dolora’s passions is avian cognition, stemming from her friendship with Mort, the scrub jay, who sadly died in the Fall of 2011. About Mort: “Oh, hello — hear that bird? That’s a wild scrub jay that eats out of my hand in the front yard. I’m now an amateur field scientist for avian cognition: a naturalist, so to speak. Its mate is a scrub jay, and they mate for life. I’m looked on as a social food source. He’s about to land on my hand. That’s Mort. His wife’s name is Ticia. C’mon, Mort. They’re the Morticias. One year, they had babies, all girls, so we named them Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Tuesday ended up being fat and big for a scrub jay; we called her Fat Tuesday.” –San Francisco Classical Voice, 3 October 2011